Older adults

It’s never too late to enjoy the benefits of physical activity. In fact, being active is an important factor in staying healthy and keeping your independence as you get older.

Some people think that because they’re older they can’t take more physical activity. This simply isn’t true. Most of the activities discussed on www.getalifegetactive.com are suitable for anyone, no matter what their age.

As well as helping your heart and lungs to work efficiently, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your muscles and bones strong, regular physical activity can:

  • help control high blood pressure and diabetes;
  • slow down the loss of bone density that can lead to fractures;
  • help you maintain your mobility and independence;
  • reduce your risk of a serious fall by improving your posture, balance, flexibility and coordination;
  • help you cope with everyday tasks;
  • reduce stress, help you relax and improve your sleep;
  • help you get out and about and make new friends.