Around the house

You can turn your housework or gardening into a workout quite easily by just putting a bit of extra effort into all those things you have to do anyway. Vacuuming, mopping the floor, mowing the grass, cleaning the windows – get yourself fit and your home looking great in one go!

Some more examples include:

  • Dance around the living room to your favourite music.
  • Gardening such as digging can provide a good workout and help towards achieving your recommended level of physical activity. You will soon discover muscles you didn’t know existed.
  • Lift light weights such as dumbbells to tone up your arms and build muscle strength. If you don’t have weights you can use tinned food as an alternative
  • DVD fitness workouts can help provide initial motivation to get you active and assist in learning a new routine.
  • Stretching – use a resistance band to stretch your arms and legs. This can easily be done from the comfort of your sofa when watching television.
  • Increase your steps around the house by walking up and down the stairs more often or using the bottom steps as a step machine. You could always meet the neighbours and arrange to go for regular walks around the block.