Primary school children

While primary school children get some physical activity through their PE lessons and at break times in school this is not enough for their total needs and schools cannot be expected to meet all of your child’s physical activity needs. A great way to get more physical activity into your child’s day is in the journey to and from school. Less than half of our 9 - 11 year olds actively travel to school while more than half take a car or bus to school. We all know the difficulties of the school run but even if your child could cycle or walk once a week that would be a start and maybe encourage them to get more active.

We also know from research that children tend to become less active as they get older with more of their time spent sitting at a computer, watching TV and DVDs or playing the wide range of game consoles available. Physical activity attitudes and behaviours are largely learnt during the primary school years. For this reason it is very important that children are encouraged to be active both at school and outside of school.

Allowing children to experience a wide range of different activities is best as this will allow them to develop a wide range of skills and help them learn what activities they like and stop them getting bored.

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